Message of Support, Solidarity, and Safety
Friday, October 13, 2023

Dear RUSD Community,


The violence in Israel has an impact on many of our families and students. RUSD offers everyone who is part of our community and is touched by these events our deep support and sympathy. 


The Marin County Sheriff’s Office is aware of the situation and has not given us any indication that they expect protests or violent activity in our area. Local law enforcement will be paying close attention to locations where such things would be most likely to occur and will keep us apprised if they hear anything of concern. We have not had any safety concerns related to RUSD.


In RUSD, we will continue to do what we can to create a safe and inclusive environment of understanding, empathy, and tolerance and one that rejects hate, bigotry, and prejudice. Additionally, we will remain vigilant and in strong opposition to any antisemitic messages.


We always want to ensure that our messages to students are age appropriate. Our school psychologists and counselor stand ready to support your students, if needed. If you need resources for speaking with your teens about death and grieving, you can find links below:


Teens & Grieving
Tips for Talking With and Helping and Youth Cope After a Disaster or Traumatic Event
Parents Guide to Talking to Adolescents about Death
Resources for Grieving Teens


Best regards,


Dr. Kimberly McGrath
Reed Union School District
"We are even stronger together!"


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Dr. Kimberly McGrath, Superintendent

Tel: 415-381-1112