Important Events

Lockdown Drill

Friday, February 3

California Distinguished Schools Event

Thursday, February 16

Bel Aire Hour of Code Week

February 27 - March 3

Class Photos

Wednesday, February 8

Mid-Winter Break (School Closed)

February 20 - 24

Bel Aire PTA Play (The Little Mermaid)

March 22 - 26


Dear Bel Aire Families, 

Today was Global Play Day at Bel Aire--and I'm happy to report that it was a huge success. For a hardboiled skeptic like me, this concept was tough to wrap my head around when I first heard of it a few years ago. A WHOLE DAY of PLAYING?! No learning?! But that's not quite how the day works. Playing games is a great way to learn--a whole range of social-emotional skills come into play: collaboration, resilience, patience, and critical thinking. In most classes, students played games with classmates for an hour or so. In our device-filled modern world, it was refreshing to see kids playing board games and card games--we had classics like Uno and Sorry and then new ones like Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza. I encourage you to keep the theme going and play a game with your children this evening. They will love it!
It's not all fun and games at Bel Aire. School Safety continues to be our priority at Bel Aire. As such, on Friday, we will have a short Lockdown Drill to practice being safe and quiet in our classrooms if we ever need to close campus. Last week, all Bel Aire staff practiced going through a large-scale emergency scenario. We identified areas to work on and acknowledged everything we are doing right. We have an incredible team here, and I trust them to help keep kids safe if we ever have a dangerous scenario. 
Lastly, this week saw the return of the Bel Aire Spelling Bee. It was a great success! Thank you to all of the students who participated. Special thanks to Mrs. McDonald for running the show, and Dr. Artis and Mrs. Sobhani for helping to judge the event. Congratulations to our Bel Aire Spellers--you are all champs!

John DiCosmo



Julie Kurtz’ Top Tips for Supporting Children in Times of Uncertainty and Stress

Back by popular demand, the Marin County Office of Education is hosting “Top TIPS for Supporting Kids in Times of Uncertainty and Stress” with author and national speaker Julie Kurtz. Her expertise in training on trauma and resilience promotes the concept of optimal brain integration maximizing the growth of our best selves.
Please join us on one or both of the following sessions:
  • Birth to age 6 | March 2, March 9 & March 23, 2023, 6:00-7:00 PM  Registration Link | Session in English
  • Elementary School Age | March 14, 2023, 6-7:30 PM
  • Middle/High School Age | March 21, 2023, 6-7:30 PM
Registration Link | Sessions in English with simultaneous Spanish interpretation

A Note From Reed Union School District -

Home to School Connection

From RUSD:


For most of us, parenting is hard work. RUSD sees you doing all you can to provide a quality life for your children. We see you checking to make sure your children are prepared to come to school and to leave school with the same items. We see you coaching your children on navigating social situations and sibling relationships. We see you doing your best. We know many of you spend afternoons, evenings and weekends zigzagging around the community to balance homework, playdates, sports, music lessons, camps, birthday parties, doctor appointments and grocery shopping. Sometimes doing your best to raise children can be exhausting and families can benefit from expert advice to continue their tireless efforts.


The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) states that effective parenting practices have lasting effects across settings that promote positive outcomes at home and school for student success. Parenting strategies done through planning can reduce stress in the home when reactionary actions become formulaic insead of emotionally responsive in the heat of the moment. Homes with predictability and communal understanding of expectations allow children to become more independent while also feeling as part of the family team in working together towards common goals and expectations, resulting in reduction of potential feelings of anxiety for children. The NASP highlights four effective parenting strategies that support families across settings and situations:


-Set clear expectations,

-Teach and model expected behaviors

-Maintain manageable family routines, and

-Repeatedly acknowledge positive behavior


A common classroom technique for establishing shared expectations and behaviors is to involve the students in the processes of defining what expectations are needed for a classroom to run safely and to accomplish the goals of the curriculum within the schedule of the school day. This same technique could also be applied in a home setting. Parent(s)/guardian(s) can facilitate a discussion of what needs to be accomplished daily and the children can provide input on how the family will agree to take action to meet those needs. This allows children to have ownership of their role as part of the family unit and builds family connection with the parent(s)/guardian(s) maintaining the caregiver position. The caregivers become “reminders” of the agreement instead of simply being the authority.


When expectations and behaviors are agreed upon by a group, it is important that all members are able to meet the expectations and behaviors. Adults should teach and demonstrate for the children what the expectations and behaviors look, sound and feel like when done correctly before children are to do them independently. This allows for ample opportunities for positive affirmations, corrective feedback and diminishes the potential for a negative reaction. Families will experience success when children know what to do, how to do it, when it is needed, and most importantly, with adults who serve as positive models. 


All of us enjoy when we do well at something. We know that success feels good, builds self-confidence and improves mental health. NASP states that children and adults alike will continue to strive towards set expectations and develop positive behaviors when authentic praise is provided frequently in those areas. NASP encourages that praise be specific by highlighting the effort put towards the desired action with an expression of value towards the shared expectation and/or desired behavior. Statements like, “Good job getting dressed.,” can be made more specific by saying, “Wow, you got dressed head to toe on your own. You took time and made choices that help us leave on time. This means you will have more time to play because we left on time. Thank you for helping our family get to school and work on time.


RUSD remains committed to strengthening our home to school connection. We are here for you, our dedicated caregivers, with additional information, resources and support. Please reach out to your school site if you would like to talk through effective parenting strategies for your family’s particular need or if you need information or resources with our RUSD and larger Marin County community. 


Thank you for your continued work raising the future generation. We appreciate your partnership in this important endeavor.



Upcoming Dates:

Open now thru February 10 - Bel Aire Spirit Wear Store Open

March 1 - Bel Aire PTA Meeting


Save the Dates:

March 22-26 - Bel Aire Play: The Little Mermaid, Jr.

March 29 - Book Fair Family NIght at Reed


Bel Aire Spirit Wear Store Open Feb 1- Feb 10:

Stay cozy and show your school spirit with Bel Aire Elementary's exclusive sweatshirt and sweatpant sale! Get your hands on a comfortable and stylish sweatshirt and sweatpants, perfect for those chilly days. Don't miss out on this limited time offer and order yours today!


Lunch Recess Volunteers:

We are looking for lunch recess volunteers daily from 12:10-12:55 p.m.  It's a fun way to volunteer on campus while watching your children run around. Sign up HERE.


Bel Aire PTA

Please join us for our next meeting on Wednesday, March 1st at 8:30 a.m.  (Bel Aire PTA meetings are generally on the first Wednesday of the month)  For more information, contact Bel Aire PTA Site Chair Laura Smith,


PTA Nominating Committee for 2023


Thank you PTA members for your votes, and to all the candidates for volunteering to serve. The following individuals have been elected to this year’s Nominating Committee:

Dana Berhoff

Rachel Berman

Jennifer Feldman

Rebecca Hermanski

Wendy Martin

Robin Wheeler will serve as alternate. The Nominating Committee will meet over the next several weeks to develop a slate of PTA officers for the 2023-2025 school year. Open positions include District President, District Secretary, Bel Aire Site Chair, Bel Aire Treasurer & Del Mar Treasurer. If you are interested in one of these leadership positions, please contact any of the Nominating Committee members.



Spring Events are on the books!  Please mark your calendars!  
We'll need lots of help making these events successful, particularly in the following ways: 
Corporate Sponsorships - We have advertising opportunities available at various levels for both the Boutiques Shopping Event and our May Gala.  For information, please contact Michelle Wilson, or Chuck Hornbrook,
Sign Up Parties - Throw a party with your friends!  You host and the proceeds go to our kids.  Contact: Julie Stewart, or Rachel Berman, - they are happy to give ideas as well.
Wine/Spirits - we are looking for wine donations (a nice bottle or small collection) for our silent auction, as well as a sponsor/donor for wine and cocktails for the Gala sit down dinner.  If you could help, please contact Mickey Hubbell, or Amy Dugdale,
Silent and LIve Auction Donations - we need lots of items to fill our Online Silent Auction and Live Auction at the Gala.  Do you have a vacation home, sports tickets, boat, or other experience you could donate?  Gift certificates, art, or gift baskets?  Please contact Toni Lee, or Katie Leary,

RUSD Mission & Vision: Each student will be challenged and inspired to reach their fullest intellectual, social-emotional and creative potential to positively impact the world.


John DiCosmo


Bel Aire Elementary School

(415) 388-7100